Watchowah, publisher of a business application for financial marketing and investor relations (IR), and Syllabs, technological start-up specialising in semantic analysis for the web, announce the launch of a beta version of an innovative semantic analysis software. This software is intended for financial marketing professionals, and in particular for the perception monitoring and analysis of listed companies.

The two companies have worked together to develop an innovative semantic analyser based on Syllabs’s advanced language programming technology and on the proprietary method developed by Watchowah. The purpose of this project was to explore the relevance of specialised and automatic semantic analysis in the monitoring of the evolution of listed companies’ perception by the financial markets, and to have a better understanding of the drivers of their valuation. For this aim, inance experts from Watchowah and computational linguistics experts from Syllabs have teamed up to develop an automatic analysis module based on a domain-specific glossary as well as specific extraction and processing rules in the financial domain.

The first version of the analyser developed by Syllabs and Watchowah has produced positive results both in terms of the analytical potential and of the speed performance to process of financial market data (broker reports in English, and institutional investors’ feedback). Users of the Watchowah solution will benefit from this increased reactivity and from a more detailed perception analysis.The Watchowah® business intelligence solution for financial marketing and IR, awarded the Finance Innovation label by the French Finance Innovation Global Business and Research Cluster, transforms multiple sources of data available to IRs (broker reports, road show feedback, shareholder identification studies, etc.) into decision indicators, enabling listed companies to improve their financial marketing and to optimize their resources. As a result of an improved decision-making process and a better efficiency in communicating with financial markets, Watchowah’s customers can reduce their access cost to capital.

“We are delighted to work with Syllabs, a company with recognised expertise in semantic analysis, particularly in the domains of economics and finance. Syllabs’ technology enables us to speed up our development and provides Watchowah with new opportunities. We have made perception analysis for stock market players (listed companies, investors …) a key priority.“ said Vincent Gouley, CEO of Watchowah.

“The partnership with Watchowah constitutes a privileged framework to apply our expertise and allows us to address specialised analysis related issues. Thanks to the expertise of Watchowah in the financial domain, our computational linguists have easily configured our technology and offered a web service adapted to the challenges of the financial community: accuracy and speed. With this first

successful experience, we lay down the foundations for a successful long term partnership between our two companies. “ said Claude de Loupy, Managing Director and co-founding partner of Syllabs.

Please read the press release here.


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