Paris, 19 June 2014Watchowah, marketing research company for the financial communication of listed companies, and Syllabs, French specialist in the semantic analysis of Big Data, are announcing the launch of their semantic analysis tool. This tool, entirely dedicated to professionals in financial marketing, will be integrated into the complete solution for monitoring and analysing the perception of listed companies developed by Watchowah.

The two companies jointly developed an innovative semantic analyser based, on the one hand, on Syllabs’ advanced technology dedicated to linguistic programming and, on the other hand, on the proprietary analysis methodology developed by Watchowah.

An unprecedented solution for measuring the perception of listed companies

This tool, presented in the form of an API, will be integrated into Watchowah’s Internet solution for dynamically monitoring the perception of listed companies. This solution is primarily based on the semantic analysis of the research notes produced on a daily basis by financial analysts. It allows listed companies to precisely measure the change in how they are perceived by the financial community and as such improve their stock market valuation. The stock price of the companies that use Watchowah’s solution have outperformed the market or comparable competitors by more than 10% on the average.

Advanced functionality for analysing perception

The collaboration of experts in finance (at Watchowah) and linguistic engineering (at Syllabs) has made it possible to develop an automatic analysis module based on a glossary that is proper to the field of finance and rules for extraction and specific processing. Thanks to this tool, users of the Watchowah solution will benefit from increased  responsiveness and processing depth, at the service of a detailed and motivated analysis of their perception.

Concretely, the solution allows for:

  • the automated and structured analysis of market comments with added value: stockbrokers’ reports, investor feedback, sector analyses, transcripts of investor conferences, etc.,
  • the production of indicators of decisional perception,
  • the extraction of the market’s points of satisfaction or dissatisfaction as well as how they change over time.

Benefits for the customer of the analyser co-developed by Watchowah and Syllabs

  • Rapidity in processing higher volumes of content compared to manual processing: gain in productivity
  • Better homogeneity in the analysis
  • Neutralisation of subjectivity bias: no “human” bias in the analysis
  • Great depth in the processing of information with a vision of the perception by major themes and by category
  • Quantification over time of the perception of listed companies
  • Continuous and cost-effective optimisation of the messages and actions in financial marketing of the listed companies, with a very high potential impact on their stock market valuation

“Launching the semantic analysis tool that we have co-produced with Syllabs is a major step in the development of our innovative solution for monitoring the perception of listed companies. Our customers will be able to take advantage of a solution with even more performance at the service of their financial communication, their stock price and in fine of their stock market valuation. ” emphasises Vincent Gouley, Chairman of Watchowah.

“At the time of Big Data, semantic technologies represent a genuine strategic opportunity with a very wide potential in terms of the market but also in terms of applications. We are delighted to have worked with Watchowah in the framework of this fascinating project. For us, this was an opportunity to work with experts in finance, a sector for which our semantic technologies and in particular our tone analysis solutions are clearly of interest. We already had the opportunity to work on problems linked to the economy and finance in the framework of, the economic new aggregator co-developed with Les Echos. Today, we want to continue strengthening our expertise on these fields.” adds Claude de Loupy, co-founder and CEO of Syllabs

About Watchowah

Watchowah is a marketing research company for the financial communication of listed companies created in 2011. The Watchowah solution provides investor relations professionals with relevant indicators for monitoring the perception of their company by the financial markets, allowing them to dynamically adjust their strategic and financial messages to the financial community and as such improve the performance of their security in the stock market. Watchowah has the “Young Innovative Company” status approved by the Finance Innovation global competitiveness cluster and supported by BPI France. It has locations in France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Finland.

About Syllabs

Created in 2006 by Claude de Loupy and Helena Blancafort, Syllabs in the French leader in semantic solutions for the web (collection, analysis and generation of texts). A player of long standing in Research and at the forefront of semantic technologies in France,  Syllabs offers unique vertical solutions thanks to the combination of its three major technologies which are web mining, text mining and very recently generating unique human-quality text content with its Data2Content solution. With support from Scientipôle Initiative, OSÉO, Agoranov, ANR, BPI and Paris Innovation and benefiting from the status as a Technology Research Centre delivered by the Ministry of Research, the company has a unique experience of seven years in semantics for the web with reference players in particular in the fields of e-commerce, tourism, e-reputation, directories, advertising and news sites.

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