This week, Syllabs is attending two events in the domain of language technologies in Europe, taking place in Brussels: the LT Innovate Summit “Language Technologies Towards Europe 2020”, as well as the Meta-Forum 2012 “A Strategy for Multilingual Europe”.
LT Innovate aims at bringing together European industrial players in the domain of NLP (natural language processing) in order to promote and discuss the future of LT (language technologies), their potential and competitiveness in a global market. Therefore, LT Innovate has organized a summit to discuss the state and future of LT technologies in Europe.


The event will take place the 19th of June in Brussels. Syllabs will join this conference with Claude, Syllabs’ co-founder, moderating a round table about innovation with domain experts. Claude is a member of the Industrial Advisory Board. More about the programme can be found here

Meta-Forum 2012 will follow the LT Innovate Summit. This two-day conference will gather NLP experts to discuss the role of LT technologies in the information society with a focus on multilinguism. The European Union has 23 official languages in addition to regional languages. Therefore, multilinguism is a major challenge. During this event several projects and LT technologies dealing with multilinguism will be presented.

Syllabs will present the European project TTC « Terminology, Translation and Comparable Corpora ».

TTC develops tools to extract bilingual terminologies from comparable corpora to leverage machine translation tools (MT tools) as well as computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools). This project deals with five European languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and one under-resourced language, Latvian), as well as Chinese and Russian.




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