Syllabs’ CEO Claude de Loupy is attending the 2nd LT Innovate Summit,  a major event in the domain of language technologies in Europe taking place in Brussels on the 26 and 27th of June.

LT-Innovate-logo09-blueLT Innovate aims at bringing together European industrial players in the domain of NLP (natural language processing) in order to promote and discuss the future of LT (language technologies), their potential and competitiveness in a global market. LT-Innovate aims at defining an agenda of strategic objectives supporting the development of the LT Industry, as well as identifying  the major opportunities and challenges to be addressed in the next 5-10 years.   This year, the main theme is “Towards the Multilingual Digital Single Market”, with company showcases and panel discussions.  Claude has been invited to participate as a panelist in one of the sessions dealing with driving innovation in language technologies.

The programme of this 2-days summit is available here:

Moreover, you can watch last year’s interview with Claude during the 1st LT Innovation Summit, where Claude mentions the availability and financing of language resources as an important issue to help SMEs to develop their technologies.


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