For our project Stats ‘n Tweets we automatically analyze tweets talking about Euro 2012 football players.  Every tweet is analyzed by our tools, extracting their tonality and keywords. Once the data is extracted we are able to produce detailed statistics about a particular team or player: For example about the total number of tweets talking about a player or the percentage of negative and positive tweets.

All the extracted data together gives us a good idea about what is happening on Twitter during Euro 2012.


Top teams

Below you can see a diagram which shows each football team in proportion to the number of tweets that talk about its players. As you can see, Spain is on top, but France is in the top 10 as well.

Top players

We also made a ranking of the most tweeted players. It’s obvious who are the amateurs…

Top players on the French team

With a little chauvinism, we here show you the most tweeted players of the French team.

Top languages

Related to the ranking of the teams above, below you can find the distribution of the languages that are used in the Euro 2012 tweets. That English is on top is no surprise. However, the ranking of the other languages clearly demonstrates the popularity of certain teams as well as the activity of their supporters on twitter.

If you’d also like to play with these data, please contact us. We would be happy to make them available to you.


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